My son just returned to school from spring break.

Spring break!

Where in the world has this year gone? 

In just nine short weeks, my son's first year of elementary school will be over. 

With this realization, new worries have set in.

Will my son pass kindergarten? 

Will he be okay if he doesn't? 

Will I be okay if he doesn't pass?

As I write these questions, I find my answers: Hopefully, yes, and yes. 

Despite the fact that Cooper is still failing language arts, he is passing his other subjects with flying colors. 

But we also have reading to worry about now, and reading comprehension can be a tough subject for Coop. 

Still, he's done okay so far, so I know it's up to me and his dad to work really hard with him in the remaining weeks to ensure he receives a good score.

But even if Cooper's high marks in other subjects like math and science aren't enough to pull a passing overall grade for kindergarten, and he does have to repeat kindergarten for another year, I know this: we will all be okay. 

We will embrace this obstacle just as we have embraced all the other trials along the way, and together we will get through it. 

I've even began to think of all the positive things that would come from Cooper repeating kindergarten: he will go from being one of the youngest in his class to being one of the oldest, he'll be in the same grade as his cousin and best friend, Drew, and he'll go into it armed with everything he learned this year. 

Instead of being in the bottom percentage of his class, he may have the opportunity to be in the top percentage. 

And while Coop may have trouble understanding why he's not with his classmates next year, he likely won't have much trouble making new friends.

Of course all of this pondering could be for nothing and Coop could move on to first grade with no problem. 

Even if his language score does affect his overall grade, he may be able to attend summer school and still move on to first grade next year, and if he does, we'll have a whole new set of things to worry about, like that dreaded Common Core Assessment test. 

That's if Common Core is still in effect next year. 

Hmm...maybe I'm the one who's not ready for first grade yet.

When Coop returns home from school today, he'll have a nine-weeks report card in his backpack.

I'll learn exactly where he is standing grade-wise as of right now, nine weeks out from completion of the school year. 

I always look forward to report card day, because it tells me what kind of work my husband and I need to do to help Cooper improve in the areas that need it the most, in addition to showing how much progress he's made along the way. 

My hopes are high that this latest report will show that Coop has continued to progress in his learning as previous reports have shown and I know that even if the year ends with Cooper facing another year in kindergarten, the progress he has made since that first hot day in August has been remarkable. 

For that, I am truly thankful. 

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