This is something my husband, family members, and friends are constantly reminding me of.  

I know it’s important and that it should be put into practice, but it is one of the hardest things to do!  

The whole idea of making time for yourself as a parent is a difficult one in the first place.  

When you are the parent of a child with special needs it is a lifestyle change that often brings along with it many, many doctor’s appointments, therapy appointments, public health nurse visits, visits with the school district therapists, evaluations, tests, and the list goes on.   

The schedule can be demanding and does not replace the already busy daily schedule of being a parent to young children.  

The result?  

A tired mommy who loves her children to the moon and is in dire need of a little “me time.”  

I know in the core of my being that I would be a better mommy if I took that yoga class, or went to get that massage.  

It has to be a priority.  

When you have a child with special needs it can be a real challenge to feel comfortable leaving them in someone else’s care to make time for yourself.  

I feel guilty and justify not making time for myself because it certainly can’t be as important as making sure my children are properly cared for, right?  

Or I will do it next week, or next time.  

Having the time to myself to regroup and do something for me is vital.  

This blog entry is written by me and for me even if nobody else reading gains anything from it - a public declaration of sorts that we as parents need to take care of ourselves for us and for our families.  

If you truly don’t have the time to get away by yourself, even if it’s just to grab a coffee or take a drive, there are a few ideas you can check out.  

Find out if you qualify for respite care or PCA care hours through your county.  

This will provide you with funding for an individual to come into your home and care for your child with special needs.  

It’s a great opportunity to get away and grocery shop, catch up on a project at home, take a nap (what’s that?!), or take your other children to do something.  

If PCA care or respite care aren’t available to you take advantage of offers of help from family members and friends.  

Let them care for your child for an hour so you can catch that yoga class.  

Or find a mom who also needs time to herself (all of your hands should be going up….) and offer to watch each other’s kids once a week so you can catch up on that “me time” you’ve been dreaming about forever.  

How have you incorporated time for you into your regular routine?


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