Red Nose Day

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by Zowie Kaye

This is a well known day that has been running yearly since 1998; helping globally, by funding projects that work with poor and disadvantaged people.

I know that many people are hesitant to donate as they are not sure where the money is allocated, and I have been of similar mindset in the past.

Not only does Red Nose Day support internationally but alot of the money raised stays here in the UK, across the UK it has helped disabled people challenge prejudice and discrimination, supported older people in their fight to get their rights recognised and provided escape routes for women living with domestic violence. 

An amazing statistic from data on the RND site in the 360 Giving section records that since the beginning of 2015 alone, hundreds of grants have been given to projects working with disadvantaged people in the UK, totalling in excess of £52 million.  

Included in this is a grant to Ambitious About Autism which is a charity close to my heart and whose website I have saved to my favourites for info and ongoing advice/support also the Yellow Submarine charity.

It’s always easier to invest your time, efforts and money to something close to your heart and make you want to make a difference and get involved. 

It makes the size of a global event much more personal and localised.

I am particularly excited about RND 2017; the office where I work has been accepted again this year as a centre to take calls for donations. 

This is a family affair and I am looking forward to taking my son with me to engage in the activities. 

They put on activities for the children so the parents can man the phones and take peoples generous donations.

As an autistic child, he is very methodical in his thinking and needs to understand how things work. 

I thought this was an excellent opportunity for him to participate and see just how people call in and make the donations that help so many people. 

There is the facility to let them listen in to the calls also and really get a feel of the experience.

I am also slightly nervous so have only volunteered for an hour on event night.  

Just so that if it all gets too much then we can leave and pass the baton. 

He is very excited and already said that he plans on thanking people for being so kind and of course badgering me already to buy him a red nose.

And it’s my way of feeling like I’m giving a little bit back for the support in our own journey as a special needs family.

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