Random Acts of Kindness

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by Zowie Kaye

I work for a company that is a great British Institution and one of its current marketing campaigns is a delightful penguin named Wilbur.

You may have seen, as has my son the adverts on the TV and grown to love this cute animation.

“Mum........... I want one!”

Now it isn’t easy to get these plush toys, it’s not like those meerkats where you can sign up to purchase something and receive one. 

Also it doesn’t make you any more entitled to one working for the company.

As part of charity fundraising events within the office over the festive period, there was the chance to win a few of these penguins in various raffles and events. 

A colleague of mine who has one of the sweetest hearts started making jokes on how she will have one by Christmas and how determined she was to get Cameron one of these.

She confessed after one particular raffle that she has spent over £10 on tickets to try and be in with a better chance!!

I felt all fuzzy inside; this was someone who has met my boy only a handful of times but listens to my weekly highs and lows of being an autism mama. 

Yet here she was with sheer determination trying to get her hands on one of these pesky penguins.

All the raffles and tombola’s and incentives came and went and there was no penguin.

We approached Christmas and at the end of our teams secret Santa my friend said that she had another present to give me, not for me but for Cameron.................. WILBUR!

All her efforts had paid off and now my boy would be welcoming this cuddly toy into our home this Christmas. 

I was beyond happy, so touched that this person thought about us so fondly and went to so much effort.

Together we decided that as at home we were participating in Elf of the shelf, we would introduce Wilbur the explorer penguin overnight for Christmas Eve arrival. 

I wrote a letter from him to Cameron and it was just a heart warming magical moment when it all came together.

I recorded a video and sent it to my friend who had made this possible and she told me that she had cried happy tears and this made her Christmas.

Her random act of kindness that was such a selfless act wishing to make my child happy was the perfect, thoughtful and kindest end to our 2016. 

She will never know the feeling of appreciation that I have and hope that more people follow suit, it’s a cliché but the world would just be a better place for it!!

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