We usually see the arguments on mommy groups or see it referenced in commercials or movies. 

The stay at home mom is envisioned with dinner prepared the second the working man comes in through the door and the children all more than willing to eat their veggies.

The working mother is portrayed as one coming home to relieve the nanny of his or her duties while juggling the kid's homework and dinner in both hands.

This may be true or further from it in your household. In mine, I do stay home to care for my son Oliver, who has spina bifida among other diagnosis.

Some days I manage to prepare dinner within a reasonable arrival time of dad, and sometimes I am just too lazy or busy to make it.

Much of my time is believed to be free with nothing but time to work on crafts and taking the baby to the zoo and museum.

Honestly, I do not know what I would do with myself if I had nothing but free time! The reality is Oliver and I really live of a routine. I am lucky in the fact that the boy loves his sleep. He usually wakes up around eight in the morning and that is when our routine begins.

One bottle of milk starts the day off with three of his medications and every three hours after that we are on a catheterization schedule. Lunch and dinner all come within their own times, but medicine and cathing comes to the second of the hour it is supposed to.

Some months we are back and forth between appointments in Temple and Dallas (Texas) and some are quiet with nothing scheduled.

Most quiet days I spend my time being lazy, finishing up school, or in all honesty... looking up jobs. No matter how I try to imagine it, part time, temporary, full time with a sitter, etc, it never seems to play out how I'd like.

The feud of this mommy war starts with comments of others stating that if you work you miss out on your child's life and if you stay at home you worry that you're not bringing in enough of your part of the household's income.

I would like to say that just because I want to work sometimes, does not mean that I don't care about my time with Oliver.

I would love to skip all the hard parts like terrible twos, lol, but I enjoy any and every minute I get with him. I also like my mommy grown up time too!

Just because I stay home, does not mean I don't try to help out in any way that I can for the household.

There is not a set road or path you have to take when becoming a mother, whether to a special needs child or not.

Mother's have been getting it done for many years before us, and we will continue to figure out life for the future as it fits our own individual needs.

There is too much going on to waste our time battling one another about whether we stay home or work.

If it works for you, then go for it!

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