There was a time after the initial diagnosis where I was worried about my son’s speech; when I started to compare him to every four year old we came across. Times that I thought he would struggle to learn to read or comprehend.


Cameron is now seven and he doesn’t stop talking; no really I mean he doesn’t stop.

We have even heard him talking in his sleep.

What makes me smile though is the way he starts every sentence…

Do you even know mum – Why a car needs suspension…it’s for protection! Because if it didn’t and you went over a bump there would be soooo much damage!

Do you even know mum – How many pistons a Lamborghini car has...10, they move up and down like this and this is the noise it makes!

Do you even know mum – That the flying Scotsman is doing a test run and it’s the fastest train EVER!

Do you even know mum – The fastest person ever is Usain Bolt, he eats a balanced diet – but I don’t like broccoli!

Do you even know mum – That car logo is an Audi; that one is a Renault, that one a BMW, ouuu there’s a Ferrari!

Do you even know mum – That I like wearing my earmuffs because everything is always so loud!

Do you even know mum – What a carburetor does…inside the combustion engine it regulates the air and fuel going into the vehicles engine!

Do you even know mum – You go to work and get money, my dad goes to work and gets money but I go to school and do work but don’t even get any money!

Do you even know mum – These chips you have made me are burnt – you are the worst cooker of chips ever!

Do you even know mum – What a mod is? It’s when you modify things, like you could modify this T-Shirt and put a hood on it.

Do you even know mum – When I grow up I want to be a truck mechanic like my uncle and fix MAN trucks even though SCANIA trucks are my favourite!!

Do you even know mum – I need the toilet!

Do you even know mum – This is how a dude stands with his man bag!

Cameron's Man Bag
Cameron’s Man Bag

Do you even know mum – If you are late for work then Heather will sack you!

Do you even know mum – The points on the railway allow the trains to be switched from one track to the other – but you have to be careful if they lock it can cause accidents!

Do you even know mum – That my dad is the best-est builder ever using building materials like wood and metal and other things – he can fix your broken nail! ...

So it turns out that I don’t even worry anymore (well maybe a little) about what avenue his learning will take us down.

 I appear to already have the foundations of a mechanic or engineer of some sort.

I suppose what I’m trying to say to the people early on in their journey is...Don’t fret (believe me I know this is hard, I truly do), it will come in time. 

Maybe not how you envisaged it would or dreamed it would be – but in some form each child will go through their own metamorphosis in learning and understanding.

Their speech and ability will transition in its own unique way, not at a rate that typical children will but I promise you that our celebrations of this will be phenomenal.

So in keeping with Cameron’s format…

Do you even know Cameron - I don’t always know the answers to the questions you ask; you have knowledge beyond your years.

I will always try to encourage your individuality and will push your boundaries sometimes, but only because I know you can handle it.

Do you even know Cameron - although I try to tell people not to worry about their own children, this is a bit hypocritical as even though I know deep down we will be OK, I never stop worrying.

Do you even know Cameron - how annoying “Peanut Butter Jelly Time” is but it’s the only song you will sing so go for it!

Do you even know Cameron - for someone who is labelled as “socially awkward”, “unaware of what’s going on around you”, “prefers to be alone”...When there’s a party, you are the life and soul.

Party Time
Party Time

Do you even know Cameron that I thank God every single day that I have you and that I love you more that life itself.

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