With each month, we all can find someone we know raising awareness for a different cause, diagnosis, or event. 

What happens when you feel almost overshadowed with another cause?

When it almost seems like a competition to be heard during that time?

Every October I rally up my posts, my information blogs, my pictures and I hit all social media with everything and anything I can to help raise awareness for my son’s diagnosis. Spina bifida.

As many of you all know, October is also a huge month for Breast Cancer awareness. With commercials, walks, runs and even special events held during TV time, it is well known.

When you or your family is hit with a diagnosis of any kind, it is personal. It is tough.

Heck, it is more than tough. It consumes you until you learn to stand up and fight for or even against it.

For my family and me, we stand with our son and fight to raise any awareness we can.

We don’t intend to sound negative to other causes, as each one has done so much more good for its’ own reasons than before. Personally, I just wish it was not so hard to be heard amongst others.

Why do I raise awareness?

For me, when I was pregnant and received our diagnosis, all we were given was what could be found in a medical dictionary. In my textbooks back home that I had for college courses regarding anatomy and physiology.

Even when I turned to Google, I was not given much hope for the little life I had inside me and his future.

Despite all odds we were given, we continued with his and our own life. We fought for the unknown. And what did we receive? Nothing we ever imagined.

We got so much more! A beautiful little boy who fought harder than anyone I had ever met before. As he grew, he laughed, he loved, he lived!

Here we are at three years of age and my little Oliver is such an amazing boy. Everything he is today, was nothing we were told he could be in the past.

Nothing no one ever rose awareness for when we needed it, but the parents who went through the whole process themselves.

Now, I am the person who will reach out to that new mother who just received what she believes to be the worst news of her life. I try to be the light that she sees at the end of this dark tunnel.

No matter the approach, no matter the path I take, I will always continue to fight and raise awareness because there will always be someone who needs to know. 

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