Although it has taken the weather longer than usual to cool down, we are finally getting there here in the United States (Texas to be exact).

Along with the changing weather always comes new viruses and allergies. 

Unfortunately for me, I got stuck with a viral cold AND cold rainy, weather one weekend. I knew I had to make the best of it somehow and make my special beef vegetable soup.

This recipe is so simple, yet yields scrumptious results, that the trip to the store is the hardest part of it all.

For the soup, I prefer easy and healthy.

It does not need to be more difficult making a healthy meal compared to just driving up to the drive-thru window and snagging a burger for dinner.

So we start with the absolute necessary, beef stock. They come in the boxes or the metal cans here at our stores. I prefer to grab two of the boxed stocks.

I pour the entire two boxes into a large stock pot and start the heat and a medium-high.

While the stock is heating up, I cook our next item: beef stew meat. I season the meat cubes (they come already cut at our local grocery store) with sea salt and pepper, and cook them on the stove top until both sides are done.

Add the meat to the stock that is in the pan. Before you throw out the leftover charred seasonings and meat in the pan, pour some water on it to release it all from sticking to the pan and throw it on it the stock pot.

All that leftover seasonings are great for the soup!

Next up is our veggies. In my soup, I love a lot of variety. It leaves you feeling full longer because the ratio of food to liquid is higher.

I cut up white potatoes (I usually use about 6 small ones) into chunks, and add them to the stock. Putting those in first allows them to cook longer making them soft when it is time to eat.

I chop up carrots next, and add those in as well. Adding a few rings of white onion adds great flavor to the stock when cooking, so you can add in a few of those as well.

In the past, I use to add corn on the cobs (cut in halves), but those were always way to hot to eat when we served the soup so I buy a can of corn and add that (draining the liquid out) to the soup. In the can aisle also, I grab a can of chopped tomatoes and add those to the soup.

You can add fresh tomatoes, but I like to use the fire roasted tomatoes they sell at the store.

The last veggie I add to the soup, is celery. Just chop that up into bite size pieces and throw it in with everything else.

Now I am a big cilantro eater, so for extra flavor, I throw in a few pieces of cilantro to cook.

All you have to do now, is let that simmer for an hour or even longer if you really want the stock to pick up the flavors of all the meat and vegetables added.

I let mine cook for three hours simmering, then an hour before I serve it, I lower the heat to low.

It will be very hot and the soup will need time to cool down before you store any leftovers in the refrigerator.

Want to try something different? Add a splash of lime juice to the soup! Serve and enjoy!

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