Product Review prodvided by Learning Space which specialises in educational and sensory resources, providing a wide range of exciting toys, games, puppets, software and books. 

The Gro Clock is a unique way of teaching children about sleeping patterns and a basic time teller.

You can set the ‘alarm’ to your preferred wake up time (eg. 8am) and the fun dial will do the rest!

The clock works by acting as a nightlight at bedtime showing the moon and stars.

The stars will start to disappear as time passes. This can also act as a ‘counting sheep’ strategy as children can focus on this action - this is useful for children who may have an ASD or ADHD diagnosis, as intense focus on small movements can really help relax their minds.

There is no ‘ticking’ sound to irritate or distract.

The clock changes to the sun and will begin to light up as the selected morning time approaches.

It is intended to both gently wake up the child in a natural way, and also teach them about what an appropriate waking time is - they must stay in bed until the sun has appeared!

The clock is also really useful for children with a hearing impairment as they can experience the ‘alarm’ idea without the need for any noise or vibration.

The clock face images are simple and easy to understand, and to further help children to grasp the concept the Clock comes with a fun, easy to read story book - perfect for bedtime reading.

The Gro Clock also allows you to display the digital time on the clock face if you would like - this is really useful for older children who are learning to tell time in this way.

You also have the option to set both ‘weekday’ and ‘weekend’ waking times - so parents/guardians can attempt to get a lie-in!

You can adjust screen brightness, perfect for children with sensory sensitivity, and if you wish you can also set an audible alarm.

The Gro Company recommend using this with their Gro Blind, which is a portable blackout blind that parents can fix to the windows - the unique suction cup attachments mean this blind can be taken on holidays, to visit grandparents, or even simply into another room - wherever the child is sleeping.

The Gro Clock is available to buy from Learning Space for £29.99

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