I am writing this from my spot on the couch in the living room and I couldn’t be happier.

If you read my last post, you know that I wrote it from a hospital bed at the local Women’s Center. 

I was a very sick lady.

However, thanks to a new/old drug that’s recently come back to the market in the United States. 

In Canada, its known as Diclectin, in the United Kingdom, Benedoxen (I think!), but here in the U.S., this new “miracle drug” is called Diclegis, and it’s designed to specifically target the hormone that causes “normal” morning sickness and also causes the much more severe form known as hyperemesis gravidarum.

This stuff is no joke, y’all. 

It took the doctor(who was amazing!) five days to get my body rehydrated and my nausea under control enough to be able to swallow the miracle pill along with a very strong acid neutralizer, so new and strong the hospital pharmacy did not carry it. 

My mother making a special trip from her town 35 minutes away to pick up a prescription at Walgreens. 

Anywho, when I was finally able to keep the medication down, I saw the effects almost immediately. 

Within 24 hours, the vomiting had completely stopped. 

By Wednesday, one week to the day I entered the hospital, the doctor told me I could finally, finally return home to my family. 

Just in time for my 28th birthday on Thursday. 

It was the best birthday present I’d ever received.

Speaking of my family, the real focus of this article is on my son, Cooper, and how this unexpected (to Coop) week-long trip to the hospital affected my sweet little boy.

The first few days were okay for Cooper, according to my husband, who himself declared he hated “my job” and that we would not be doing this again. 

Of course Coop was relatively calm the first couple of days—he got to spend the night with his beloved Papa on a school night, for two nights in a row! 

The next night, he was back with his daddy and they made a trip to the hospital to visit me that evening. 

The next day, Cody and Cooper returned to the hospital, both with overnight bags. 

Cody was spending the night with me and Coop was going to stay with my dad and stepmom.

Cooper and Cody were finally both home again by Sunday evening and that’s when reality set in. 

Cooper was now fully aware that something was wrong with Mama and she wasn’t going to be home to get him ready for school the next day.

The tantrums set in the next morning with Cody fighting to get him dressed for school before he was due at work. 

Coop didn’t wanna brush his teeth, he wanted to stay home! 

Coop didn’t like the way Daddy brushed his hair! 

Finally, though, Cody was able to calm Cooper by telling him he would be riding to school with his cousins, Gracie and Drew.

The next couple of mornings and nights were about the same, with Cooper getting upset from time to time because he wanted me. 

That was gut-wrenching.

Overall, though, my kid proved to be a pretty tough little fellow for a while. 

I sometimes question whether allowing him to come the hospital had been a good idea. 

You know, out of sight, out of mind.

Hopefully, we won’t have to find out again.

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