TV personality, glamour model, novelist and special needs mum Katie Price is praised for speaking openly about life with Harvey.

Katie Price on This Morning
Katie Price on This Morning

Watch Katie talking about life with Harvey on This Morning here.

In 2013, Katie Price was very outspoken in an interview with Sam Walker on BBC Radio 5 live. When asked if she thought there was enough help available for families with disabled children. Price said, “There actually is a lot of help out there but some people are too ignorant and they don’t want to look for the help.”

When asked what she meant by people being ignorant, Price said it could be that some parents are “too lazy”. She said, “They probably think ‘oh there isn’t help’ but you have to go and find it.

It’s not going to come to you… People might think that because their child is disabled that no one will want to help.

Well, that’s the wrong attitude because there is help if you go out and get it.”

These comments didn’t go down well with other special needs parents suggesting she use her high profile position to help raise awareness of the help and support available.

However earlier this year, when she was criticised following her admission on Celebrity Big Brother that Harvey, who is 13 and has Prader Willi Syndrome had a nurse and driver to take him to school each day with the bill paid for by the British tax payer, special needs mums were quick to defend her saying, Harvey had as much right as any other child with complex needs to receive the help available.

In her latest interview with ITV’s This morning, Katie has been praised for talking openly and honestly about life with Harvey, with viewers taking to Twitter to congratulate her on a great interview.

Praise for Katie on Twitter
Praise for Katie on Twitter

She used the interview as an opportunity to encourage families to seek support and have hope. As part of the interview, she met up with the Harrison family who have a son James, seven, with Infantile Batten Disease, a neurological degenerative disease.

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