I've been there...I'm there now.  

The season you can find yourself in very easily when you have a child with special needs where there doesn't seem to be much joy to be found.  

Doctor's appointments, therapy appointments, more doctor's appointments.  

The tough daily grind where you keep going for your kids, because you have to, because they need you.  

You find your thoughts trailing off into "why me" and "what is all of this for?" 

It's easy to get stuck in a trap of negativity when faced with a medical diagnosis, illness, or just a plain old bad day.  

My advice to you is this: CHOOSE JOY.  

There is always joy to be found and something to be thankful for.  


Perspective can be everything.

Your child with special needs is in good health today.  CHOOSE JOY.

A new sunny morning.  CHOOSE JOY.

A smile on your child's face.  CHOOSE JOY.

A therapist who is invested in your child's progress and success.  CHOOSE JOY.

Celebrating your child’s birthday.  CHOOSE JOY.

Your little one sleeping on your shoulder.  CHOOSE JOY.

A good weight check or doctor's visit.  CHOOSE JOY.

Five minutes to yourself with a cup of tea at the end of a long day.  CHOOSE JOY.

Hearing big sister say sweet things to little brother.  CHOOSE JOY.

Family time going for a walk.  CHOOSE JOY.

There are so many opportunities in a day to grumble and think, "here we are at yet another doctor's appointment," or, "how am I supposed to get the laundry folded when he finally fell asleep, on my shoulder?" or “it’s such a hassle to load him into this equipment just to go for a walk.” 

Those are the same opportunities you have to stop, be thankful, and choose joy.  

A couple of girlfriends and I have been reading a book together called 1,000 Gifts by Ann Voskamp.  

It’s been a wonderfully beneficial book for me as a mother of a child with special needs.  

The whole focus of the book is finding joy no matter your situation or circumstances.  

If you’re looking for a deep read that could be a game-changer for your perspective this book is for you.  

What have you done to choose joy after becoming a parent to a child with special needs?


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