I remember back to when my son was about 18 months old and he suddenly stopping eating certain foods that he had seemed previously to so much enjoy, he was now gagging at his Weetabix and breaking his heart.

I battled as a mum on a personal level of wanting to be a trophy mum and get those fruit and veggies into him but I was secretly allowing him to live on chocolate, biscuits and happy meals.

Cameron was diagnosed at age four and a lot suddenly made sense. 

By this point though yes his diet consisted mainly of the popular beige foods and any kind of chocolate; nothing with a sticky, sloppy, lumpy consistency though or that included any juices.

In desperation I was asking my health visitor how can I get my child to eat things that are good for him, to try and vary his diet; you want to know what the professional said: “don’t worry, he will soon learn the art of bribery!”...Thanks!

Days turned into weeks and weeks into months, we never socialised out at food related events as Cameron was just too fussy. 

His bacon had to be a certain shade, his chicken had to be white as a ghost, we were down to one variety of crisps for a certain store and he KNEW if it was not right.  God forbid there was a black bit on something on his plate – cue the meltdown.

I searched online and wrote in forums and pleaded within the World Wide Web community to get me to help my now six year old child eat. 

Yes I have tried to engage him in the preparation, yes I have given him free reign in the supermarket for him to choose something special just for him… yes.... yes... yes, I’ve tried it all.

“Mum can I have some Pepsi”........... Light bulb moment.  “Ok Cameron you can have this glass of Pepsi but you have to do something first…  There are three things here in these separate bowls and I want you to try just one bite please of each and then you can have the Pepsi.”

He cried and shouted and protested and I just left him... and left him, 40 mins later he came back and said “just ONE bite of each mummy?”

Well what do you know the bribery works!

So it’s not just chicken we now have a beef, gammon and recently pork lover.

Bread rolls, sausage rolls and we even made a pizza of just cheese and bacon no sauce.

He will now try anything just one bite at a time, sometimes he loves it sometimes not.

Please; I am aware and under no illusion that this will not work for everyone but it helped me and two years later we can go out to a restaurant as a family and he has a few things that he will now choose from, including CORN ON THE COB!!

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