It was a Wednesday, late morning.

Me and the kids were all geared up to go outside, sidewalk chalk and sunscreen in hand.

The sun was, sort of shining, and the lawn chairs looked oh-so-inviting (to me, at least). 

We set up shop, and the kids excitedly open up their chalk. Suddenly, it's as if the sky opens up and it is absolutely pouring!

Ok. I plan, and, well, the joke's on me! I make a special note to say how we are being so flexible and going inside to play. The kids follow suit.

"Ok, kids," I tell them.

"We are moving up Invention Hour (the part of our Mommy Camp day where they create new things out of art supplies, toys, and/or recyclable objects) to now!

Let's see if you could make the playroom into an imaginary world. Use any art supplies and toys that you want.

But, you have to work together and do this with no grownup help. Ok? Ready? Go!"

They excitedly ran off. What was so beautiful about this activity was that it honed in on the following skills:

-Fine motor coordination

-Visual motor and perceptual skills

-Scissor skills

-Graphomotor/handwriting skills

-Abstract thinking/imaginative play/cognitive skills

-Social skills/collaborative play skills

-So much more!

My kids cut out paper beds for dolls, made signs for fairy castles, colored oceans, and more.

They worked happily and quietly for more than two hours!

Their masterpiece is still up in the playroom to go back to (the door is just shut, so the cats don't destroy it or eat the small pieces!)

Check out their creations, and I hope that this can inspire you to have your own kids do some of this type of play in your own homes or therapy spaces!:

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