The sun's out....(sort of)

And now's the perfect time to get the sunglasses out too!

Or better still why not treat yourself to a new pair?

Not only do they protect the whites of your eyes from damage caused by dangerous UV light, they'll help you keep those little lines from forming at the corner of your eyes.

But don't rush in to your favourite retailer to buy the latest fashion when it comes to sunglasses.

Check out these helpful tips when choosing sunglasses - 

Protection from UV rays is an essential function of sunglasses.

Make sure your sunglasses offer 100% UV protection - no UVA or UVB light should pass through the lens.

Make sure they fit well - not too close and not too far away from the face. Line them up with your brow line and try to go for a wrap around pair.

It's also important to think about the Visible Light Transmission (VLT) of your sunglasses. This is the measure of how much light your lens is letting in.

Sunglasses have a filter category - 

Category 1 lenses are ideal for cosmetic or fashion eyewear.

Category 2 lenses are the most common category to be found in sunglasses. Perfect for general use they provide good protection from visible light and from UV rays.  

Category 3 provide extra protection from both visible and UV light.  Allowing less than 20% of visible light through they will block at least 80% of light. 

Category 4 are not suitable for driving or using as an everyday pair of sunglasses. They provide a high level of protection from visible and UV light but will only transmit 10% of light.

Visibily dark lens don't always mean better protection!

Always check the filter category and UV protection. 

Price doesn't always reflect quality so don't assume you have to spend a fortune to look good and get the best protection.

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