We are really happy to tell you we can now fulfil most Upsee orders in around 10 ten days.

Families will get their Upsee faster than ever and walking and standing together doing all the fun stuff the Upsee makes possible, and we want to thank everyone who worked so hard to make it possible.

If you follow our Facebook page, you’ll know how much this means to people. They send us photos and videos every day of children taking their first steps, standing beside their siblings for the first time, or taking part in daily family life or playground games in a way they couldn’t before.

It’s great to see and makes all our work worthwhile. The past few months have been frustrating for lots of us. News of the Upsee spread like wildfire when we revealed it a few months ago. Overnight it seemed like the whole world started talking about it, and we have to admit we were caught out by the avalanche of enquiries and orders.

The stock we held soon disappeared. It created a backlog and families faced a delay in receiving orders. So we appreciate everyone’s support and patience during that period.

Thankfully, those long delays are behind us now. Everyone can look forward to receiving their Upsee quickly and enjoying all those special family moments.

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