On Your Birthday

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by Jodi Shenal

On your birthday, my beautiful girl, you are turning six years old. How the time has flown by. 

You have grown tremendously, and in a sense, so have I. As I look at your sweet, innocent face, I admire you perfection.  

Your presence here over the last six years, in this world and in my life has had more impact than you could ever know. 

You have made me a better person and on your birthday, we celebrate you!

On your birthday, I can remember the very moment of your birth. As your Daddy and I awaited your entrance with excitement and fear, I desperately needed to hear your first cry. 

Seconds dragged on for what felt like hours, and then, I finally heard it. The sweet sound that I had worried for weeks that I may never have the privilege to hear. 

You had made it into the world and your cry was the most melodic sound I had ever heard. You came in as a fighter, and you have been a fighter ever since.

There are things that I once imagined we would do on your birthdays, like seeing you blowing out the candles, watching you eat birthday cake, and running around with your friends. 

As time has gone by, I realize those ideals of a birthday celebration are inconsequential. You have opened my eyes to what is truly important. 

As long as you’re here, I will proudly blow out those candles for you. I will feed you icing off of your cake, along with some ice cream, and it will be an honor.

On your birthday, I reminisce on the early days of our journey together. 

You were so tiny. I was clueless and afraid and I wanted to learn everything I could so that I could be the Mommy that you needed.  The Mommy that you deserved. I am still learning. 

We started down a road into a whole new world together. As we continue down this road of life, I will graciously carry you. From now until my own body fails, I will carry you. 

I will also push you to reach your goals. You have a fiery tenacity about you…it serves you well with the challenges that you face. 

I have seen you tackle obstacles in your way one after another and rebound like a warrior. All the while, laughing and smiling. You make my heart swell with pride. 

I will always have your back and help you reach for the sky.

On this day, your sixth birthday, I celebrate the incredible, charming, strong and joyful person that you are. 

You are truly a gift from above. 

When I imagined having a daughter, I never fathomed that I could love her as much as I love you.  I am thankful every day for you. 


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