Oliver and I are soon to head down the KAFO's alley.

Oliver, who was diagnosed with spina bifida, was also born with clubbed feet and hip dysplasia.

He has his right hip dislocated, which we will not attempt to put back in place, as his muscles are not strong enough to keep it in place.

Seeing his feet now, I know those 10 weeks of braces and no baths were worth it!

This last month, Oliver was just hit his huge milestone....only backwards.

We are officially mobile, crawling backwards.

Since then, he has also shown some good weight bearing when I pick him up to stand.

Since all this has happened, we knew it was time to help this little man get some support for his legs.

Most children with spina bifida have nerve damage, and can have some, none or all feeling in their lower extremities.

For Oliver, he can not feel his feet, and from his knees to ankles he has spotty feeling.

For this reason, it is highly important for them to wear bracing like AFO (ankle foot orthotics).

This will support their ankles from giving out with walking, and protect their feet from things like hot concrete and such.

Believe it or not, many children have ended up in the ER because they did not wear protective bracing and burned their feet walking out on the hot sidewalk.

Oliver would have KAFOs (knee-ankle-foot orthotics) to have extra support for walking.

Before we got fitted for these braces, I was blessed and found a family willing to pass on their stander.

This stander will help Oliver immensely with weight bearing and getting the feel of being on his feet.

With his dislocation, his therapist also thinks that it will help shape up his hip joint to better fit in his situation.

Since using this stander, which we are only at 30 minutes a day until his braces come in, I have noticed Oliver's sensation spike.

Before, I knew Oliver could not feel below his knees.

During nap times and just any time he was not actively kicking his legs, I would tickle or gentle brush something against his legs and not get any reaction.

I am talking, not even a slight twitch.


It was hard, but I accepted it.

Of course, this did not stop me from constantly trying in the future.

Well, after our first 30 minutes in the stander, Oliver was snoozing from all the hard work.

Laying next to him, I gave his leg a tickle.

To my surprise, he brought in his leg.

A twitch!

I thought I just got lucky, and tried the other leg.

Another twitch! Strong enough that he woke up!

A couple tickles, and yes a pinch later, I knew he was feeling it.

Doctors say that he is young enough that his body can still find new pathways for his nerves to sense feeling in places they have not before.

For me this is such good news, but for Oliver this is GREAT news!

We will patiently wait for approval on the new braces so we can start getting in more time for the stander.

Until then, I just want to thank everyone again for following our story and inquiring about Oliver.

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