November comes with few and far between appointments for Oliver. 

Which is actually considered a good thing, because that usually means everything scheduled is just follow-ups and no new surprises.

Oliver had his spina bifida check-up day at Scottish Rite, in which he sees many of his specialists in one day at one hospital. Talk about a life and time saver!

We usually see a nutritionist, orthopaedist, social worker, urologist and the main doctor who oversees all the kiddos with spina bifida.

It calls for a long day, but when the drive is out of town, you just make the best of it.

We got some more helpful tips on ways to get Oliver to gain some weight with healthy and nutritional foods/snacks. For the past year or two we have been at a plato weight of around 22-23 pounds.

Oliver is three years old, so this isn’t too worrisome, but we would love to see him be able to put on a few pounds to catch up on the chart.

It would be nice to be able to finally move up to toddler clothing for him as well, instead of the baby boy clothes.

His younger brother Theodore is catching up quick on clothing size, but being able to shop in the same general area for them both is nice too!

Theodore has learned how to walk and life has been full of lots of gasps and bumps and bruises.

I always feared the day when he would take off walking independently, because Oliver still needs assistance and can’t walk far or for too long without it.

But to my surprise, he has taken Theodore’s new accomplishment as motivation.

Whenever he catches myself or someone else cheering Theodore on, he says that he wants to walk too and that is when we pull out his walker to watch them both go!

I cannot tell you how blessed I am to have Oliver be such a great big brother who has not looked negatively at his diagnosis nor his siblings.

Aaden, Oliver’s older brother, is currently on Thanksgiving break and enjoying life! When you’re ten years old, nothing is cooler than breaks in which you have no school.

This week, weather has finally caught up to speed and realized it is FALL and not summer. Days have been beautiful and nights have been chilly.

We look forward to spending Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends, and hope you all enjoy your holiday and breaks too

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