Mothers, especially we ‘Special Needs’ mothers, are forever being told that we must make time to ‘look after ourselves’. 

Not only do I find this a tad patronising if I’m honest, but also a tad difficult.

Often, once I’ve done all the things I need to do to look after everyone else, I don’t have any energy to spare for looking after me.

I’m starving, I know I need to eat properly, but I’m just too knackered to even think about the processes required to cook myself a proper meal.

Beans-on-toast is, of course, the go-to solution -- simple to prepare, almost instant, and very nutritious.

That’s why I eat so much of it: and that’s why I get sick of it.

Some days I think that if I have to eat another portion of it I’ll end up as orange as Donald Trump, and about as full of hot air.

What I really want at times like this is for a big bowl of something tangy, delicious and filling to materialise out of nowhere, full of the carbs people keep telling me I shouldn’t eat (which is predominantly why I eat them). But that never happens.

So I break out this storecupboard noodle recipe, which takes hardly any more time than B-o-T, and not much more preparation.

From your cupboard you will need:

A portion of dried noodles – I prefer rice noodles (the ones that look like threadworms), but you can use whatever sort you have.

2 tablespoons of peanut butter or cashew butter – both are equally good (but don’t use the sort with chocolate in)

2 tablespoons of soy sauce

2 generous tablespoons of lime juice – I used bottled juice because it keeps longer than fresh limes, but if you have some of those use two.

1 teaspoon frozen chopped chilli, or dried chilli flakes.


Put the kettle on to boil some water for the noodles (and to make yourself a cuppa to keep you going till the food is done).

Place the noodles in some kind of bowl-shaped receptacle and pour on boiling water to cover. Leave them to soak while you make the sauce.

Place the nut butter, soy sauce, lime juice, and chilli into a pan and warm gently, stirring, until the nut butter has melted and the ingredients are combined.

Thin the sauce to the desired consistency with 3-4 tablespoons of water – you could also use coconut milk for this if you happen to have some hanging about that needs using up.

Drain the noodles, which by now should be soft and, erm ... noodley, and plop into the sauce, then stir until they are coated.

At this point you could, if the cuppa you made at the beginning has revived you sufficiently, and you want to push the boat out, quickly shed a spring onion to sprinkle on the top.

If you are a classy sort arrange the noodles nicely in a dish to serve.

If you’re like me just eat the lot straight out of the pan to save on washing up.

Who needs more of that?

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