How often do you visit a public toilet when you are away from your home?

Most people will say 'It depends.'

It depends on how much you have to eat or drink or how long you are out for or even how strong your bladder is.

Rarely will it depend on there actually being a toilet available that you can use.

Toilets are commonplace.

They are available in restaurants, cafes, fast food outlets.

They're in train stations and airports.

They're in food and clothing retailers.

They're in pods on high streets. They even rise up out of the ground in some cities.

Yes, some are cleaner than others. Some even have a small charge to use them.

But generally toilets are available for you to use. 

When we are out and about raising awareness of the need for public toilets and customer toilets to include two vital pieces of equipment - a height adjustable changing bench and overhead hoist, we ask the audiences to consider how they might feel if they attended a concert, or sporting event or ate in or shopped at a venue that didn't offer a toilet for them to use.

Here are just a few of the most popular answers...

1. Unwelcome

2. Angry

3. Upset

4. Restricted

5. Discriminated against

6. Invisible

7. Irrelevant

8. Frustrated 

9. Disappointed

10. Disgusted

People tell us that they would choose not go, they'd have to leave early or they'd decide not to eat and drink while they were out.

These are the decisions that are made on a daily basis by over 250,000 people living in the UK who require a bench and hoist to meet their toileting needs when away from home.

These are the feelings that they experience every single day.

This conservative estimate equates to 1 in 260 people and their families who are choosing to stay at home, cut short days out or modify their behaviours because there are less than 1,000 toilets that provide a bench and a hoist for them to use when they are away from home.

If like us, you think this is wrong join our Space to Change campaign by emailing [email protected]



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