You may have seen these lip stains trending on Facebook, as have I! 

Temptation led me to go ahead and make the purchase so I could try these products out.

If you are like me, I don’t wear lip gloss because I hate when my hair gets stuck to my lips in the gooey mess.

Lipstick is more of an issue for my kiddos, as they can't stand the marks I leave every time I give them a smooch.

When I saw the video for this on the sellers Facebook page, my main concern was getting scammed.

I am very hesitant on making purchases online, and even more so when it is from a company I have never heard of before.

Their site had many videos and reviews from all kinds of women using their product.

Feeling a little relief, I went ahead and made the purchase.

They have a special offer where, if you buy five of the shades, they send you one for free.

You receive all six of their shades for twenty US dollars. Only five are pictured above because I keep one in my make-up bag! 

Using a lip brush can help, but for me it dried too quickly that way before I could put any good amount of color on.

You could apply it just like lip gloss though. Covering the top and bottom lip.

Now the very first time I tried the product, which only took about a week to process and receive, I was nervous.

The color goes on dark and shiny, and since it is a stain, you need to be careful not to get it anywhere you don't want the color to go.

For the drying process, it is best to leave your mouth open so the inner portion of your lips are allowed proper time to dry as well. 

Make sure you check your teeth for any slip ups! I have ended up with red teeth once, but it came off easily with water.

Drying takes me about ten minutes, so I put the lip stain on before I do my hair or before I start the rest of my makeup.

By the time I am finished with my make up or hair, it is time to peel the stain off. This process is quite satisfying as it reminds me of my elementary days when I would let glue dry on my hands, and then peel off the mess.

It comes off just the same! In two sweeps, the top and the bottom (if given enough time to dry) come off in one piece.

What is left is a fainter color than what it initially looked like during the application process. The color really does last, and if you are like me (who uses a lot of chapstick) the color has lasted me at least four hours.

I now use these stains every day, changing the color according to whatever mood or outfit I am wearing.

I highly recommend applying this before you head out for the day, even if you don't have time for a full makeover, it adds that pop of color to your face and look!

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