No Limitations

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by Brittney Baumgartner

With the New Year, comes new seasons and opportunities to play sports!

We never knew that our city offered an awesome non-profit group that held events and the ability for our children to play sports with other children whom may have disabilities. 

I always hate using those specific words, as we do not see Oliver’s defect as something wrong nor anything that affects his ability to do things, but sometimes we just have to say it like it is.

Anywho, last year Oliver joined the No Limitations group and played his very first sport, soccer.

Granted he is only two years old, he was hesitant to the game and all the new people, but closed out the season with a handful of goals and new friends.

It was truly amazing to see my little boy being able to play soccer in his wheelchair.

Something so taboo and something everyone chooses to see as an object that only limits what the person using it can do.

I will tell you right now, having a wheelchair has done the opposite and allowed my son the gift of mobility and freedom.

If we could just get everyone else on board, that would be awesome!

So like I said, with the new year comes new sports and Oliver just started his first flag football league.

We even get to enjoy playing our games in an awesome facility that has turf and football goals for all the kiddos to enjoy.

Our little professional ball players will zoom around the turf with their buddy or parents, catching the football (assisted or unassisted) and zip as fast as they can or can be pushed towards that goal post.

For Oliver’s very first game, I pushed him around in his wheelchair. I would catch the plays and hand Oliver the ball to hold onto, as we hurried down the field.

For the wheelchairs, we do not use flags, but to get a ‘down’ you just have to get your wheelchair as close to the player with the ball as you can.

Then the referee counts the down and we move on from there with the next play.

Everything from the turf to the cheerleaders is so surreal for the kids and they absolutely love every minute of it!

Once again, Oliver has started the season hesitant and overwhelmed with all the new things happening, but we just had his second game and he did so great.

He now knows that every Saturday is football time, and his time to shine with the rest of his team.

Raising my son in sports like these, I am also raising him to see that his chair is not a ball and chain.

Even though it may not look like what other people use to get around, he can go just as fast as they can.

He can run the play in football just as well as any professional player.

And above all else, he can be a kid like any other kid he knows! 

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