New Year, New Me?

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by Brittney Baumgartner

We have all said it... With the New Year, comes new ideas, changes, hopes, beliefs. 

Many of the changes are things we want to implement within ourselves or family.

For me, if I can recall correctly, I vowed to change my eating habits last new year. Yet here I am, ten pounds heavier than I started January with!

The truth is, life gets busy sometimes. Losing weight takes work and dedication. It is not to say that I did not try to lose the weight throughout the year.

I joined clubs on social media for motivation, bought nutritional shakes, and even tried portion control with my meals.

But again, my newlywed life with three children and a few pets, is quite busy.

This brings me to my new (and hopeful) resolution for the year 2018... Making time to take care of myself!

This is not specific to weight loss, personal hygiene, grooming, pampering, shopping, etc.

This is a broad generalization of me just actually making time to take care of myself in any way I find fit at the time.

One thing about having a child with disabilities, or even being a mom, is you always find yourself putting your kids before your own needs.

I remember having Oliver and Theodore in the NICU and I would make sure to pump and get them their milk even before I managed to put food in my belly.

It would be well after noon, and my husband would have to remind me that to have a good milk supply I had to eat.

I know that sometimes I find it easier to do things myself, because if not I worry about if my kids or husband is doing it the right way.

For the New Year, I hope to let go of this (just a little) and allow my children and husband to help. For the New Year, I also hope to let go of things that can “just wait a day” longer.

For example, if my sink is full of dishes but the boys are begging me to play in that moment with them, the dishes surely can wait another day to allow me to enjoy the time.

Now the only thing left for me to do, is to get my husband on board for this new resolution, and gift me with a trip to the salon! 

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