Change is hard for most people. 

Whether you are moving house or adjusting to a new work schedule, altering your routine can be challenging. 

I am learning that change is an essential part of life; it’s an essential part of growth. 

It is necessary if we are to move forward.  

If you are the parent of a child with additional needs, you learn to adapt quickly and roll with the life-changing punches.


Big changes started the day we received our daughter’s diagnosis.  

I worked full-time and we were a two-income family.  

I remember crying in my boss’s office on the day I put in my one-month notice.  

I LOVED my job.  

I loved my co-workers, and it was hard to imagine not contributing to my family financially.  

I loved our home that took two incomes to afford.  

However, a tiny person with special needs, her brother, and precious time needed with them tugged at my heart to make a change. 

It was tough modifying our entire lifestyle, but we did it, and I soon began to value material things less and cherished time with my children more. 

When my daughter changed schools and had to move to a class for non-mobile children, I feared change.  

I was resistant at first.  

We had to leave her teacher and aide whom had loved her like their own child. 

She acclimated extremely well to her new environment and made me realize this was necessary and it was for the best. 

Losing invaluable professionals along the way that have worked with my children brought difficult change. 

A speech therapist here. 

A social counselor there. 

Watching my son leave the sanctuary of his elementary school, where everyone was familiar with the details of his 504 accommodation plan was stressful. 

Dropping him off the first day of Middle School, with total strangers was trying.  

My children survived all these changes. 

After shedding many tears of my own, I’ve come to realize how resilient kids really are! 

My daughter will undergo major reconstructive hip surgery soon. 

I have fought it, denied it and wept about it. 

Surgery will require her to master the art of crawling, all over again. 

She has been crawling for nearly three years, and surgery will change that in an instant. 

I know that when this unnerving day arrives, we will have to roll with it and make the best of the situation. 

It is necessary if we want to progress. 

All of the changes we must go through make us stronger; they make us better. 

Parents of children with special needs are put through the test of change constantly. 

Change becomes the one thing that we can depend on.  

My children, thankfully, have helped toughen my skin. 

There will be many times of change ahead for us. 

As troublesome as any new circumstance might be, I will persevere and continue absorbing the punches as they come.   

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