National Teaching Assistants Day

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by Zowie Kaye

Saturday 02nd September and the postman had a lovely delivery this morning, it was a thank you card from my sons Teaching Assistant (TA) for her end of year present.

“It has been my pleasure to have been with Cameron over the last three years, I am absolutely devastated that it isn’t going to continue, HE is MY diamond!

You should be soo proud of your little man, he is my sunshine on a cloudy day, he always makes me smile, has a great sense of humour, and he has the best HUGS in St Pauls, such a wonderful little boy and I will miss him immensely”

By the end of this sentence there was pride in my heart and tears in my eyes. Such a lovely gesture.

Cameron’s TA has been with him 20 hours a week for the last three years and I truly believe that is her that has given him the determination and drive to succeed and come on in his ability.

We have gone through him being totally reliant on her classroom support to her being able to just support him in being independent and thinking for himself.

I remember the year 1 phonetics test where I was told not to worry when Cameron fails it, that’s its government guidelines and it's not expected of him to pass………. He scraped through with 1 mark above pass grade – a pass none the less.

She was always there during his EHC Plan reviews each year, with glowing reviews on my blue eyed boy. 

She is the unsung hero though in my eyes, I do what I can at home with reading and homework support but she is the one between the hours on 9-3 supporting and helping him exceed expectations.

It makes me sad though that not all children in Cameron’s position have this support in place. 

Government cuts mean that diagnosing children is being put off and drawn out and it's criminal – my son has only come on this far through getting his diagnosis at four and his TA put in place so early on.

I was told earlier this year at Cameron’s review that if he was to be going through the process now, they don’t think he would have received his diagnosis or any support.  This hurts my heart as he is only at the point he is now because of the help he receives. 

Children should not suffer, every child with learning disabilities should have the appropriate level of TA support in order to have a better chance at being successful in an already undetermined future.

Cameron was quite distressed when he learnt that he wasn’t going to be with her in the last couple of school years, but I explained that it is a good thing as it shows just how much of a clever boy he has become and its now time and another little boy or girl has the same help that he had.

“I will make the promise that every day I will go and see Cameron to make sure he is ok and still smiling – Thank you Cameron for Just being YOU!”

This lovely TA does not know what receiving this card meant to me -  she is a truly lovely lady and the world would be a better place with more people like her, and all the struggling children would achieve so much if they all had one like her.

Let’s all take a moment on 16th September to say a quick thanks you to our children’s TA’s for all they do!!

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