It’s that time of the season! One of my favourite times of the year.

Yes the sales are in full swing and if you are anything like me, you’re looking to bag yourself a bargain or two.

Sales however can be the love and hate of the retail world.

Messy, disorganised, stressful shops, people throwing unwanted clothes in piles, it can be quite a challenge and takes a lot of patience.

However sales are often filled with absolute gems.

So in order to make your life a little easier and increase your chances of grabbing a steal this week I am sharing my ‘Top Tips’ of shopping in the sales.

1.       Make a plan

Sale shopping on a Saturday afternoon = no fun at all. If you can arrange to hit the sales first thing on a weekday morning, that will be the best thing for reducing stress levels and also finding better options.

The bonus of this is that the shops are tidy from the night before and you’re more likely to spot good pieces and in your size too.

2.       Don’t get drawn in by the price alone

Sure we are all a bit guilty of picking up ridiculously bright, printed items in the sale because they were reduced to £10.

Telling ourselves “Yeah I need more colour in my wardrobe” or “When I have lost that couple of pounds this will look great”.

Chances these pieces are only going to come out of your wardrobe when you’re planning your next car boot sale.

So instead, before purchasing an item, think to yourself ‘Would I wear this now?’

If so ‘Can I think of 5 outfits I could get out of it?’ If you can’t, chances are it won’t get worn.

3.       Look for capsule wardrobe items

Shopping the sales is great for picking up better quality classic items. Every year the trends come and go, but the core classic pieces are the items you should be looking for in sales.

Leather goods such as jackets, bags, boots and gloves are great to pick up in the sale for the following season.

Trench coats, classic denim items and little black dresses are also great wardrobe staples to look out for. 

For summer sales look out for leather sandals, maxi dresses, good quality swimwear and occasion dresses.

Scan the rails and look for neutral colours and tones such as black, white, grey, camel and denim.

Picking up on these colours will draw you to the more classic staple items and save you time sifting through the rubbish.

If you like your prints then stick to classic florals, animal and stripes. These are very classic looks and never go out of fashion. 

Shop this look here:

 Shirt dress Denim shirt Trench coat

4.       Don’t be afraid to shop out of season

Shopping a season ahead is when you will get the best prices for the typically more expensive pieces.

For example, buy cashmere jumpers at the beginning of spring and save it for the winter time. You will get at least half off and save so much money in the long run.

I have never paid full price for a pair of leather winter boots, instead I always wait till the sales and invest in a classic pair I can wear the following season.

5.       Shop online

If you can’t bear the thought of looking through messy rails in overcrowded shops then save your shopping for online.

Type in key words such as “trench coat” or “black maxi dress” to filter out the things you most definitely don’t need and enjoy a cuppa whilst you shop.

If you want to be super organised you can save your favourite items on sites like Asos before the sales start, then when the sale hits you should have a good chance of getting those pieces you love at a lower price.

Shop this look here:

Black frill dress Flatform trainers 

6.       Check the returns policy

This applies online and in store.

It’s easy to get carried away in the sales and overspend, especially if you think something might go out of stock.

Most shops will still give you the full 28 day refund in store as long as you have a receipt.

However some will only allow an exchange for sale items, be clear on this before you purchase just in case you do have a change of heart.

7.       If it doesn’t fit, don’t buy

I once bought a silk dress two sizes too big for me, in the sales, for the bargain price of £20, with the good intentions of getting it tailored to fit me.

Fast forward 4 years and I was selling it on Ebay as I had just never got round to having it tailored.

So unless you are super organised, and do have a fab tailor, save yourself the wardrobe space and money.

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