We have recently been into school and watched Oscar in his class and the various activities that they do.

One of the things I was most interested in, was seeing how Oscar interacted with his peers and how they interacted with him. 


Oscar can be very wary around other children and can become very upset. 

We do not have any other children in the family so on the odd occasion when a child does come into our house I think that he can get a bit territorial. 

He also seems a bit suspicious of why they are there. 

He doesn’t seem to realise they have come to visit him and play. 

Oscar was not at all fazed by his friends in class. 

He was very happy to sit and watch them. 

Even when one of his friends decided to come and sit on my knee, I thought ‘here we go’ and that he would get himself very upset as he would be jealous of his friend taking his mummy’s attention. 

But, he just smiled happily. 

This is quite a big step for Oscar. 

A few days later I said to Neal, ‘I’ve just realised something.’ 

‘Have you only just realised?’ He replied. 

I didn’t need to finish my sentence because he knew what I was going to say. 

Out of the seven other children in the class, there was only Oscar who cannot walk or move around independently. 

All the other children could walk (although some were extremely unsteady on their feet) and move around independently to some extent. 

I was not sure how I felt about this, I still don’t. 

As long as Oscar is happy at school and with his friends that is all that matters. 

I do not know what medical conditions Oscar’s classmates have and it is not any of my business. 

I think that one things that struck me most is that I had never noticed at the time that Oscar was the only one who could not move about. 

I don’t even know why it suddenly came to me a few days later. 

I had seen the children for what they are: children. 

The fact that they have disabilities is irrelevant to me. 

They are Oscar’s friends. 

It is just a shame that most other people see the disabilities first before they see a beautiful child.

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