Something I thought may never happen has happened and I am so happy.

The school have done a Christmas play and Oscar was in it.

I don’t know why I thought the school may not do a Christmas play (Oscar’s occupational therapist had only asked me the same thing a few days ago) but I did.

I think maybe I thought it would be too difficult for the school to organise, which I know is a very defeatist attitude on my part.

School had been very secretive about the theme of the play, they kept calling it their ‘Christmas production.’

I think they just wanted it to be surprise for all the parents.

The only information I was allowed was that Oscar was to play a snowman and I needed to provide a hat and scarf for his costume.

Thankfully, this meant I did not have to call on my non-existent sewing skills!

I had looked forward to the play so much but on the day of the play I was a little apprehensive.

Before I had taken Oscar to school that day he had got really upset and had been crying & screaming.

Even after he had calmed down it still took me fifteen minutes to get him into the car.

We were late for school (something that has never happened before) and when we got to school he became really upset again.

I was not sure if his mood would have improved before the play.

I had visions of him being really upset throughout the play.

I should have known that Oscar rarely stays unhappy for long though.

‘A Christmas Tale’ was the name of the play.

The plot was simple but perfect.

Some children had gone to the wood to build snowmen, the Christmas Fairy brought the snowmen to life and sent them to the North Pole to let Santa know how good the children had been.

The elves then packed the presents into the sleigh, the reindeer came out and got ready to pull Santa’s sleigh and then Santa arrived and off they all went.

It lasted approximately 20 minutes but it was just the right length.

When Oscar was brought out in his snowman costume my heart burst with pride and tears came to my eyes.

He looked so lovely in his costume and they had even covered his chair with white material to make sure he really did look like a snowman!

We had managed to get front row seats and when Oscar saw us in the audience his face lit up and he gave us the biggest smile.

It was lovely.

He kept looking at us and smiling and waving his arms all through the play.

The play was very emotional and one very touching moment was when the little boy who was playing Santa came in with his walking frame (covered in tinsel) and slowly made his way towards his sleigh before sitting down.

He was eyeing us all a bit suspiciously (it must have been a bit daunting for all the children) but you could tell that everyone was willing him on.

We are so proud of Oscar as he was brilliant in the play but we were also proud of all his friends as well.

All the children were fantastic and the teachers and staff at school had obviously worked very hard to make it such a success.

I look forward to the next school production.

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