My garden, my sanctuary

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by Carolyn Voisey

It has to be said, the weather in the Midlands this summer has been..... changeable.

Within 24 hours, glorious warm weather was soon followed by bleak Autumnal drizzle and a nip in the air.

Honestly, only in the UK would this be deemed a normal situation!

As we can’t do much to help move house adaptations along and with stress levels starting to rise, my garden has become my sanctuary.

It’s my own little piece of Heaven on earth really.

Over the summer while Sam has been on holidays, we have managed to sort out the old pond (new liner, plants and a solar powered fountain) and actually clear some of the jungle that passed for flower beds and replanted said areas.

It has been quite impressive how much we’ve managed to achieve, all under the watchful eye of the Chief Gardener himself, shouting instructions in his own way from his wheelchair!

While sitting in my garden, mug of tea in hand, I can just take in the sound of the birds.

I watch my chickens pootling about in their half of the garden (and invading the rest of it), listen to the sound of the fountain and just Be.

I am always being told to slow down, don’t do so much, rest a bit…

It’s virtually impossible, given that once I get home from work I’m immediately juggling therapies, housework and trying to give precious time to the two loves of my life, Sam and Daddy.

Like most, we don’t have a lot of spare cash to go out places… so when life gets all too much I potter off into my garden and spend a few minutes gently recharging. Preferably in the sun.

It gives me time to think, to clear my head a bit of the chaos of the day and to refocus on family.

Often, Daddy brings Sam down to see me, and we have a cuddle together on the swing seat, just the two of us.

The summer has seen a rollercoaster of emotions from elation and excitement to deep sadness and loss.

I’ll be honest, I’m feeling a little wrung out. And guilt for feeling this way. Others are suffering far more. 

I suspect this is endemic amongst SN parents in fairness.

So I will continue to indulge in my little spot of tranquillity down my garden, watching and wondering at the beauty of the world we live in and how grateful I am to be alive.. for all its heartache, it really is a gift.

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