While I am unsure if you readers in the U.K. shop the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale each year, people (especially women) get very excited about the great items waiting to be purchased here in the U.S.

If you are unfamiliar with this sale it is when new items for summer and fall are available at amazingly discounted prices of up to 40% off. 

The first week of the sale is restricted to those who have a credit card with the company, and then access to the sale opens to the public the next week. 

Items can sell out incredibly fast but are often restocked as the sale continues.  All of this to say I hunted down a few bargains for myself to add to my wardrobe for the rest of the summer and fall. 

I am also either shopping for or purchasing some additional items that will be shared in this post. 

As a bargain shopper the items I purchase either for myself or my family members, no matter the time of year, are hardly ever full-price. 

Another bonus is finding items that can be layered and worn throughout many seasons. 

Here are some of the items I picked up from the Nordstrom Anniversary sale so far that are keepers!

Ladies...these leggings are everything.

They are called the “live in” leggings for a very good reason. 

I actually purchased these during last year’s sale and they look as good as they day they arrived in the mail. 

I find myself going to yoga in them, running errands in them, layering them with a long backside-covering tee and cardigan, and occasionally leaving them on to sleep at night. 

The color does not fade from washing, and they do not stretch out as the day goes on. 

These are a must have legging that I wear all year round.

I have not purchased myself a new pair of bootcut jeans in years. 

My collection includes many many pair of skinny jeans because they are easy to throw on with boots all fall. 

It was time to grab a pair of bootcut jeans at an easy to handle price during the anniversary sale. 

This pair has great reviews, is budget friendly, and claims to have some fancy technology that slims and lifts in all the right places. 

Yes please.

I snagged this everyday style of tshirt in a pretty burgundy color.

It has yet to arrive so I cannot speak to the fit, but it looks great to throw on with leggings and a cardigan, my official fall uniform.

For now I will be wearing it with my favorite jean shorts and sandals.  

This top gets all of the heart eye emojis from me.  

While this piece will be more difficult to wear into other seasons, I had to pick it up to wear for the remainder of the summer. 

It includes so many of the things I love- stripes, easy to wear, bows, and an off-the-shoulder fit.

Oh Converse shoes, how I love you.

I currently own a pair of gray slip on Converse that I’ve had for a few years. 

They just have a sort of classic look to me, and can be thrown on with rolled up jeans and a t-shirt for my everyday errand running and playing outside with the kids. 

My original plan was to keep only one pair of the slip-on Converse from this year’s anniversary sale, but they are so cute I can’t decide. 

These are a great price, and I wear them three seasons out of the year.  

Just give me ALL the sweaters!!!  I am apparently loving all neutral colored sweaters of every style.  


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