A couple of years ago I faced some sudden and unexpected health issues. 

It was a very scary and uncertain time, all while being a stay-at-home mom two my two children, who were then four and two years old. 

After trying various treatments to get my health back under control failed, I ended up having a surgical procedure to help remedy the situation. 

While the surgery may have indeed helped, it bothered me that current medical practice in a traditional hospital setting does not look at the “why” portion of a health issue and instead simply attempts to attack and treat the symptoms. 

This, to me, is like taking pain reliever while standing on a thumbtack. 

At this point I decided it was going to be up to me to dig a little deeper, so I visited a naturopathic doctor, read a book on the topic, and looked at areas in my life where changes could be made. 

One area I found I could make a decent impact on was the health and beauty products I was exposing my skin and body to on a daily basis. 

Let me back up a moment to explain a bit.  As a mother of a child with special needs, stress can be high….all the time. 

This chronic stress (combined with not prioritizing time for myself to de-stress) in turn can create an environment for health issues to sneak in, which is most likely what happened in my situation. 

So while making changes to the health and beauty products I used could not cure everything, it could potentially help to reverse some of the inflammation my body was experiencing due to not taking better care of myself.

I want to share some of the products I currently use that have replaced the more chemical-ridden products used for years before. 

Yes they can be a bit more costly, but you cannot put a price tag on better health!

The products shared below are ones I use on a daily basis and love.

Zoya nail polish

Available in tons of colors, stays on great and is made without a lot of the toxic chemicals commonly found in nail polish

Primally Pure deodorant

The lemongrass scent is my absolute favorite, and it works!

This company has many fantastic looking products.

W3LL People foundation stick

I’ve been using this for a year, and am still using the same one. 

It lasts for a long time, goes on smoothly, and stays put all day. 

Keys SPF moisturizer

This is another product that I’ve been using for over a year and just ordered my second bottle. 

It makes me feel good knowing my skin is protected with a chemical-free sunscreen every morning. 

Acure facewash

Awesome price, great smell, and leaves my skin feeling fresh.

Honest Company bodywash

Our entire family uses the shampoo/bodywash and loves it. 

My favorite scent is the sweet orange vanilla.

Honest Company body oil

I use this in place of body lotion every morning after showering. 

It is very hydrating and soaks in quickly, made with all organic oils.




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