Holding Jade was really tricky in the beginning. 

You have to counter weight for her. 

She could not keep herself up at all. 

She could not sit on my hip so we had to hold her facing forward. 

But not just facing forward. 

You have to keep her legs up so she does not go into spasm. 

Make sure her head is the right place. 

Her hand and arms are in the right position. 

All this while doing something because she does not want to be put down.

To throw her over my shoulder was easy for me but it was the wrong way, so I had to get out of the habit of doing that. 

Not easily done when you live in a duplex with stairs.

Now try and explain this to someone that wants to hold her and you keep telling them it’s not the right way. Days like those I wish we had our physiotherapist with us. She leaves them in no doubt.

Jade does not go to a lot of people. 

Me, her dad, my mother, her other grandmother and maybe her aunt. 

They all know by now that you have to hold her in a certain way. 

But she is getting bigger and heavier. 

So sometimes they battle with her and she does not like being put down. 

I think the reason she does not go to a lot of people is because they don’t know how to handle her. 

They are not used to holding a child that can’t keep herself up. 

Soon we won't be able to hold her either.

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