My Child is Normal to Me

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by Caro Robbertze

We only have Jade.

And we will not have another one. 

She is a handful.

But that is normal to me.

I think if we had a normal child before her things will be so much different.

But this is what we have and what we deal with every day.

She has a 5 year old cousin Annè and Mieke that is 3 months younger then Jade.

I look at Mieke and she is ‘normal’ she can support herself.

Walk by herself and entertain herself.

Jade can’t do any of that.

But yet this is normal to me.

Jade also wants to play with them but can’t get to them so they come to her.

It amazes me how they love each other.

Mieke always wants to kiss Jade and Annè just wants to make her laugh.

They get along so well.

But Jade might never be able to play with them like a ‘’Normal Child” and that really does not bother me.

She can do things her way.

Her cousins will entertain her that way as well.

They know something is wrong with her but are too young to understand.

Their mom (my sister in law) also has CP.

She is a school teacher.

I have hope that Jade will walk by herself and will be able to look after herself in her own way.

Just like her aunt.

With hard work and a lot of love from her whole family Jade will be fine.

I have to keep telling myself that otherwise I will go mad with worry.

Being positive is really important but remember that you can have an off day now and then.

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