I really struggle with this statement!

Firstly because it is such a bold thing to say, it comes with so much expectation and to be honest it’s a little bit frightening.

Secondly because half the time I’m not sure I do know best.

The thought that a mummy knows best, to me, states that every decision to be made is best being decided by her!

I don’t know about you but I don’t feel qualified to be this person.

I have been wrong about many things, my husband, family members and even friends have seen things I’ve missed and helped find a solution in the madness.

Now I can’t speak for the millions of other mums but I don't agree with the statement and I happily invite insight and ideas from those close to me and my boy. I feel as Zachariah’s mummy I can be soft, I can be bias and I can caught up in my emotions.

Without other people giving me their opinions I would feel lost.

I also like people to make their own decisions with my boy and try new things. Sometimes I learn so much from this - looking from the outside in I can learn new things about my boy and develop new skills.

Zachariah has been having his taster sessions at nursery and as they are trying to get to know him, they are asking me lots of questions.

Some I have answered quite easily, others I have stuttered and replied along the lines of “Oooh I don't know I just wing it”.

I haven’t wanted to go in there and give strict rules, I want them to get to know him and make their own judgements. For all I know I could say he hates something for them to find that he in fact loves it.

A different environment and people could create a whole new world for Zachariah.

I’ll finish by saying that although I know my son, love him dearly and do everything I feel best by him I don’t always know best!

I gladly receive help and truly believe that there's no harm in the whole village raising our children.

To be the only person who knows everything about Zachariah and do the right thing every time alone seems impossible.

I know not everyone has lots of friends and family, but whoever you do have in your life open up to them and seek the odd opinion and see where it leads you! smile

I love being mummy to such a wonderful boyo and I love having a community around us!

Rochelle, Mummy to Zachariah xx

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