When Jack went into hospital for major surgery I really wasn’t expecting it to be so hard, (yeah yeah I know I shouldn’t complain). Sitting by the side of his bed 24/7 was exhausting. Granted they gave me a chair bed to lie down at night but seriously there’s no way you can sleep in that place! The constant noise from machines beeping, kids crying, nurses chattering, music blaring from a radio, curtains being pulled back for nurses doing obs, other parents shuffling around and walking in and out going for their wee nicotine fixes and dragging the smell of smoke behind them (again I know all theses things need to happen, well most of them) so you basically grabbed 40 winks every few hours.

Day times were spent entertaining Jack as he has no absolutely no concentration skills. He can’t play with a toy by himself or its thrown across the floor. He gets bored so easily so the fact he was bed bound just didn’t help at all. I thought I had packed load of toys and activities to see us through the week, boy I got that so wrong as I had nowhere near enough…. as I looked around me other parents were reading their kindles and magazines and using laptops, talking on the phone etc while there child watched telly, coloured in and some even got schooling?

I barely had time to text family and friends updates on how Jack was doing let alone read a book. The play therapist came along to see if she could help occupy Jack but everything she brought he just pushed away, she’s probably great at her job with kids who don’t have special needs but for us she just didn’t know Jack and couldn’t engage with him. The schooling teachers offered us a lot of books so I could read to Jack which he loved. I watched the clock every day waiting for Ronan to show up after his days work so that I could go grab a cup of coffee or he brought dinner in for me.

Thankfully we were out after a week and you know the saying there’s no place like home.

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