We recently moved house.

Brielle is taking it all in her stride, although I’ve noticed she has been more clingy than usual and at present is craving constant attention.

I have to keep reminding myself to be extra patient with her, hold her more and take time to just be with her. 

A new living environment is quite a big deal for a child who can’t see or hear very well or express herself with words.

What a huge shock to the system to have moved one day permanently to a brand-new living environment. 

New floors for her to map out by scooting and touching. 

New everything.

After moving back to Northern Ireland from Seattle at Christmas-time, we have been staying with Granny & Granda, until 3 weeks ago. 

She’s grown very attached to them as all the girls have, and I’m certain she is missing being with them.

She misses laying up on Granda or Granny’s knees, and taking their hands to lead them on a walk. 

She really did have them wrapped around her sweet little finger smile

She misses her favorite “big chair” in front of the window that she used to lean on and walk around again and again. 

It was her choice place in the whole house, and she spent hours spinning around in that chair, both sitting and supported walking.

She still does the sign for  “big chair” when we arrive at Granny & Granda’s house, and sometimes just randomly as the thought comes into her head!

The move into our new house has brought some changes. 

It’s the end of an era really. 

My “baby” Brielle is 4 years old and growing up! 

For the first time, we’ve moved her out of our room and into a room with her sister.

The bond it is creating between them is so special and evident even after just a few weeks. 

This morning Brielle wanted to be lifted by Annabelle to go play rather than stay with me, much to the delight of her sister!

So far, Brielle’s favourite places to be are, the bathrooms at the sinks. 

Yes, she’s still obsessed with washing her hands, which I guess is not a bad thing! 

And she really enjoys going about the conservatory window sills, as she is very motivated by light.

She also loves to scoot in the wide carpeted hallways and look up into the ceiling lights, and she often scoots down the hall into her room.  

She absolutely loves running her hands through her new fuzzy pink rug (thanks Auntie Ranae)!

I’m so impressed by my little monkey, that she has navigated the new house so quickly, given her vision loss and motor delay.

I guess my advice for other special needs parents who are moving or anticipating a move would be: don’t fret! Your precious little one (or ones) will amaze you and adapt beyond what you can even imagine. 

Give them lots of time, and space, and be extra-patient with those emotional and learning needs due to the move.

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