I feel we should always celebrate the special people and we should never take them for granted but I am a sucker for the special days in the calendar

I have always enjoyed Mother's Day, I have loved picking out or buying the perfect card and getting sucked into the big hype of finding the cheesiest gifts to show my love and appreciation to my Mum.

Because it is so important to me, it puts so much pressure on my Husband to make it a special day for me too now that I am a Mummy!

However I have quickly learned that the card and the gift is not what makes Mother's day, (as lovely as they are) but it is the love that you give to all the special ladies in your life and the love you receive from your close ones not only on this day but also the rest of the days in the year.

Zachariah may not be able to tell me he loves me but I know he does with affection he shows me and the never-ending snuggles he gives me.

Love is not always spoken but acted it out. 

I want to dedicate this blog to my Mother in Law, who is definitely a lady who deserves to be shown love and appreciated, without her I am not sure how I would have managed the juggle of all the appointments we need to attend with me not driving until recently.

Her and Zachariah’s Grandad moved up North just after he was born to be involved in their grandchildren's lives and it goes without saying that they have truly fulfilled this wish.

It may have not been what they imagined but they are filling the huge gap that is needed, and that is supporting us emotionally and practically.

Some weeks they have had to be involved almost every day with events such as therapy, consultations, dentist, hydrotherapy, hospital apps etc etc.

They are in it with us and know more than anyone the ups and downs that occur in our daily lives.

Nana has always gone the extra mile too, she has made Zachariah sensory resources, fancy dress to suit him and bought him the most thought out gifts.

She has read books to develop more understanding and researched what she has not understood.

She has cried with me, laughed with me. celebrated with me, pushed me and encouraged me.

She has been the silent comforter and also the words of wisdom.

My Mother in Law isn’t faultless, I mean who is?

But she has taken her Grandmother role very seriously and she is the superwoman in Zachariahs life, who has loved him unconditionally, understood him, made all the time in the world for him and celebrated him.

She has always made sure Zachariah is included.

Nothing seems too big for her, when Zachariah had his gastostromy she was eager to learn how to do it and was quickly a master to make sure she could still have him overnight to give me a break.

Nothing is never too much, if I ask for help she is there with all the tools.

She is selfless, kind, caring and a truly wonderful lady who Zachariah dotes on.

We are not sure how much Zachariah understands, but one thing we know for sure is how much he loves his Nana!

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