One of the most recent milestones Eve has developed is making choices.

I love the milestones that most people remember with their children like rolling, sitting up or first steps, but how many parents remember the time their child discovered they had choices in life? 

With my older children, I don't have that memory, but with Eve, it was a momentous occasion.

I don't know much about Eve's early life, but in general children growing up in orphanages don't have a voice much less choices. 

She was also used to eating food without much flavor so our early months were spent on just discovering that there were different kind of foods. 

One of her favorites was vanilla pudding.

Every day, I packed a vanilla pudding in her lunch box as a special snack or motivation to complete an especially difficult task. She definitely enjoyed it and I was glad to know there was a food that she really liked.  I wrongly assumed that vanilla was the flavor of choice for everything, because I had not yet discovered that Eve wanted to have choices and Eve had not yet discovered that she could make requests.

I told my son Jake to go and get a pudding out of the fridge one day as we were ready to give Eve her favorite snack.  He brought back two and asked if I wanted the chocolate flavor or vanilla. 

I quickly said "ask Eve" without thinking much about it and he showed her both options. 

She immediately looked at the chocolate one and tried to grab it.  We were stunned.  She knew how to make a choice and she wanted chocolate!  We cheered as she made the same choice the second time. 

We have now incorporated choices to almost all our daily activities. 

Eve chooses toys, activities and of course her pudding flavor. 

We have a unique opportunity to get to  know her personality and likes by giving her choices. 

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