A Christmas Message from the Firefly Garden…

Wishing you ALL a very Merry Christmas, one with happiness and good health, one where your children cope with the sensory overload that is Christmas Day, one where they receive appropriate gifts from friends and family, one were everything goes to plan (as best it can!)

Where are we?

​The Firefly Garden has only been officially launched for two months but during this short time we’ve had almost 30,000 page views from over 6,000 users. We’ve our first Caterpillar, someone who has posted over 200 useful pieces of advice and information and found their spot in the Firefly Garden and two Ladybirds who have posted over 50 times.

There are quite a few Dads in the Firefly Garden, as well as Grandparents and also a few therapists keen to provide advice and information. We are now sharing links to over 30 special needs bloggers and requests coming in from people who would like to blog for the Firefly Garden.

Our Campaigns, Space to Change and The GoTo Shop are gaining wings with lots of you wanting to find out more about becoming a Champion for change and businesses directly approaching us and asking how they can make their venues more accessible for families who have children with special needs.

We’re looking forward to an amazing 2015, one were every child with special needs gets the opportunity to participate fully in family and community life. If you haven’t joined the Firefly Garden - do it today!

Together we can make big changes in 2015 for families who have children with special needs.

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