Making therapy fun!

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by Carolyn Voisey

Sam has taught me many things in his 4 years so far. One of them is to have fun.

It’s too easy to get caught up in the daily grind and be worn down by the seizures, therapy demands etc..and forget the important bits…after all, he’s a little boy and enjoys being silly and playing as much as anyone.

With Sam being in a wheelchair it’s not always easy to think up games that he can join in.

A favourite one of his is being allowed to roll about on the floor with one of us, preferably on a foil blanket. He *hates* having water in his face, so water pistols generally speaking are a no-no, however running past fountains/water spray is all good?! 

Getting in a swimming pool with him is one of his favourites though, he loves being able to move independently. He has a neck float which allows him to be safe in the water without me or Daddy holding on. 

Therapy is a huge part of our lives.

Sam has around 2hrs of therapy daily, so we’re started being inventive and finding ways of making this fun. Even though there are aspects which will forever be loathed by him because it counts as hard work! 

Sam is currently learning colours. So instead of just doing boring flashcards with him we turn it into a game – two different coloured toys  for example. We say each colour then put one on either side of his head and ask him where blue is for example…. Sam will turn his head in the direction of one of the blocks.  When he gets it right, even if it’s just an involuntary movement, he gets a big round of applause which he loves.

The praise reinforces in his brain that he’s done something and it made Mummy happy, so he gets an emotional ‘reward’. 

In turn, the chemical changes in his brain occurring at that point reinforce the pathways to help him learn. 

It’s a win-win situation. 

I just have to find a way of making physio fun and we’re sorted…!

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