Petty complaints irritate you more than the sound of nails on a chalkboard. 

Every special needs parent’s pet peeve – those who complain about things when they have nothing to complain about.  

Complaints such as:

I ordered a double espresso and received a decaf cappuccino and it ruined my day

There are so many outfits in my closet that I can’t decide what shoes to wear with them

I dipped my fries in bar-b-que sauce because I thought it was ketchup and wasn’t

My child won’t stop talking and asking for toys when we’re at the store!

Our days are so hard, and we often feel tremendously guilty if we advertise or speak about our daily hardships. 

Partially because we don’t want the world to think we don’t have this situation by the back of the tail.  

We can do all things and be all things to our child with special needs. 

While our children are doing their best to achieve the impossible – so are we. 

But every now and again, you’d love to just sit some of these life complainers down for a cup of tea and show them what bigger problems are:

Watching your child lay lifeless in a hospital bed clinging to the hopes of a miracle.

Sitting in an ambulance for the third time in a week after uncontrollable seizures.

Dealing with insurance denials for uncovered medical, therapy and equipment expenses that are forcing you into bankruptcy as you attempt to save your home and vehicle

Clinging to a baby monitor all night long, knowing that your child’s life depends upon you hearing a crisis in the middle of the night, even though that means you only can get 2-3 hours a sleep a night

We wish that we got coffee at all some mornings – even if that means our order was always wrong.   

We don’t know what it’s like to have new clothing when every penny goes to our child’s needs, and we pray that our shoes don’t get holes in them because we can’t afford to replace them. 

If we had a moment to eat we are probably so sleep deprived that we couldn’t recognize the difference between ketchup or bar-b-que sauce. 

Many of us only dream that our children could utter just one word and we’d love nothing more than if they could pester us until the end of time with lengthy sentences about toys they wanted when we went shopping.

Sometimes we see an ungrateful world around us, when we’re just trying to survive each day and give the best care we can to our disabled child.  

We crave to find humble friends, who don’t rub salt in our wounds. 

Who recognize that their daily complaints are often our biggest wishes. 

While special needs parents have complaints yes, they usually stem from the lack of ability to adequately provide for their child’s needs and well-being. 

While we’d never wish this life on anyone, we sometimes hope that by looking at us that you’d find so much more to be grateful for.  

Count your blessings, never your complaints.  

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