Disabilities have a nasty habit of getting in the way of enjoying a swimming pool, as they have with a lot of other fun stuff.

And that’s annoying, because everybody loves splashing around in the pool! Our Firefly friends are absolutely no different.

They don’t want to spend that time watching everybody else having fun while they miss out on the action.

But for some children it’s not easy, or even possible, to get near the water without the help of more than one adult to get them in and out of the water and support them for the whole time they’re in there.

And that’s such a shame because it’s not just great fun, there are so many benefits to playing in the pool.

Just look at the good that can come from hydrotherapy.

It provides kids with a unique multisensory experience that can aid all types of development.

There are so many new experiences to enjoy - there are shouts and giggles and splashes and bubbles, there’s the warmth of the water on your skin and the feeling of weightlessness of your whole body.

Those things add up in different ways to help lots of kids enhance their communicative, social, cognitive and physical development.

And if the child is having fun while they’re achieving all this, it doesn’t feel so much like work which therapy programmes often do.

We would love to do something about it if possible.

Firefly exists to enable ‘special needs family participation’. That means no one gets left behind and helping everyone to have as much fun as possible. And if some therapeutic benefits develop as a result then so much the better.

So we want to hear your ideas…

What type of devices or equipment could we create to make it easier for kids with disabilities enjoy the swimming pool?

Send your ideas to [email protected] and we will explore them

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