I have 4 year old son we call CJ (Casey) and since the age of about 7 months old he has loved the swimming pool.

So I kind of expected our second son Matthew to love the water too. 

Matthew was just about 6 months old when he experienced his first summer and this was also around the time we realized he wasn’t reaching any of the “normal” baby milestones and all of the appointments and tests began.

So while I would sit with him in a baby pool I didn’t attempt to take him in any of bodies of water. 

The following summer arrived and we finally had Matthew’s diagnosis (deletion of 5th chromosome), we also were learning to work with his developmental delay.  

At this time he was 18 months old and still needed to be held, so I would try holding him while getting into the pool to play with his brother.  

Matthew was scared as most little ones are and only shrieked so we stayed together again in the baby pool.  

I did find that on days when the pool water was rather warm I could still sneak into the pool holding on to Matthew and staying away from any splashing.  

swimming with disabilities

Fast forward to this summer when I was determined to get him in the water playing with the other children.  

I still have to hold him of course but the first day I climbed into the pool and I could feel him tense up and wrap his little arms and legs around me.  

He didn’t cry so I whispered to him a soothing song and made my way across the pool. 

After a short while I could see he was watching his brother jumping in and splashing in the pool and felt his little hand slowly reach down into the water and start to splash.  

Needless to say he is now as pool obsessed as his big brother. 

If we are so much as in eye shot of a pool he will complain until I at least stick his feet in.  

Even though he spends 99% of our time in the pool splashing me in the face, I could care less.  

I am just so happy to see him enjoying himself with all of our family and friends in the water.  

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