We live in South Africa and we are currently experiencing really frequent blackouts.

They try to keep to schedule but they never do. 

Jade really loves watching tv (movies) during the day. 

She does not like to sit in the darkness or the silence.

We have a backup light, lots of candles and a few torches. 

And I make sure her Leappad is charged when the power is on.

So I must sit with her when it is off with her Leappad on. 

We listen to music. 

Sit and eat cookies or Flings (chips) and pray for the power to come one. 

She always says to me “On – and then looks at the tv” 

How do you explain to her that the tv is off as there is no power?

Im really thinking to buy her a portable dvd player for Christmas this year. 

At least then she can still watch something.

We sat without power on a Friday from 2:30 pm till 11:30 pm. 

We had to bath Jade by candle light which she did not like. 

She always has her fan on in her room for the heat and the noise. 

Otherwise she does not sleep. 

Her night light is also always on as she does not like the dark. 

Have her monitor on so I can hear when she cries. 

So now to make another plan for all that.

Nothing I could do for about the fan. 

So she was in complete silence. 

It was so hot, she only had a thin tank-top on. I

took a small torch to make a bit of light for her and that seemed to work. 

I did not sleep much that night as she woke up every hour from the heat or the any small noise outside.

We had this for 3 days in a row. 

Needless to say this mommy did not sleep much.

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