As the cold spell hits the UK, here are some helpful tips to keep warm this winter.

It's important to keep warm both at home and outside.

It can help reduce the risk of serious health problems or mimimise the chance of exacerbating existing conditions.

You can start by making sure your home is warm

1. Have your heating system serviced or your chimney swept also check your water stopcock is working properly. If you rent your home make sure to ask your landlord as it is their responsbility.

2. Check your thermostat. The ideal temperature for a bedroom is 18°C (64°F) for the living room it is 21°C (70°F).

3. Don't open your windows whilst the heat is on. Sounds simple but it's surprising how many people put the heat on later in the day forgetting they had opened their bedroom windows in the morning. Remember to check your air vents as well.

4. Close your curtains. As soon as it gets dark draw your curtains to stop the heat getting out and the draughts coming in. You could also fit thermal linings as an extra measure.

5. Keep internal doors closed in your home in the winter. This helps keep the rooms warm and stops heat travelling to areas that don't need to be as warm such as halls and landings.

Don't forget to dress warm too

1. Dress in several thin layers of clothing. Yes it's futtery for nappy changes but this helps trap air and will keep your child warmer than one thicker layer.

2. Hats and scarves are important (if you can get your child to wear them). Don't forget your own. Most heat is lost through the head and neck.

3. Wear tights under trousers when heading out. Boys too - H&M do a great range of boy tights available online. Or stick to navy, black or grey.

3. Use a wheelchair cover when out and about. We recommend BundleBean.

4. If your child's condition allows it make sure to wear warm clothes in bed, layer up by adding a vest and socks. (You too!)

5. Don't forget the fabrics! Wool, cotton or fleecy fabrics are best. 

What are your tips for keeping warm? Share them in the comments box below!

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