Positivity is not always in our lives but we want it to be.

You think “if I surround myself with positive people my life will be positive". 

This is usually right. 

But sometimes we just feel negative because nothing seems to be working and my child is not reaching her goals.

I look at Jade some days and I think she was so small how did she survive being born at 1.66kg? 

Did God have a plan for her? 

Did she just decide not to give up and fight for her life? 

I only now sit and think how scared I was when they sent me home and I had to leave her in the NICU. 

Not knowing if I would get a call in the middle of the night saying she has stopped breathing or something else has happened. 

At that stage I didn’t want to think of it because it was not an option. 

She was a fighter just like her mother and knowing myself I knew she would not give up without a hard fight.

I look at her now and see how far she has come from that tiny little baby. 

She has grown into a loving toddler. 

She never liked being kissed or hugged but now she gives you hugs in her own way and makes kissing sounds for a kiss. 

She can also say a few words now which we never thought she will.

She is 2 now and still not walking or crawling but she has such a big personality and she is happy most days. 

She keeps trying to do things by herself but it does not come easy. 

She never gives up. 

I admire her will and determination.

People can learn a lot from this tiny person. 

We as adults have so many things to stress about and worry about but she only worries about which movie to watch or which toy to play with.  

Her life is so simple for her and mom sits and stresses about everything.

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