It’s a valid question for the genuinely curious.

It was posed by someone looking into our world for the first time, having stumbled on an increasing array of special needs blogs in her line of work.

These niche sites were a scarcity 5 years ago. The stories they portray were rarely heard.

Out of sight and out of mind was where most of our families’ SEND experiences remained.

The reality is quite the reverse now, which I’m sure we all agree can only be a positive shift.

I applaud the SEND blogging community for re-writing the narrative about disability.

For sharing their stories, their hardships and their joy.

I truly believe this is the only way to bring about understanding and lasting change.

And with each year that passes, more and more of us are following in the wake of such pioneers as Joey Deacon and his family who exposed their lives on TV in the name of developing understanding.

No-one questions the number of cookery or beauty blogs or lifestyle or fashion blogs that dominate the internet. Which set me thinking.

Why do we blog about special needs?

What are the benefits, both personally and for society? And are there any drawbacks?

So if you ever find yourself contemplating starting your own blog, are justifying an existing blog or are questioning whether it’s worth continuing your writing, have a look at these articles on the positives and the pitfalls of blogging.. 

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