16 months in, and I can not help but look back at the previous year and a half.

On Facebook, I am presented daily, with pictures or statuses that I posted years ago to the day.

It was not long before I was shown pictures of you and your itty bitty self!

Not surprising that I was left to ponder on how much you have gone through and achieved.

Before you were born I never thought I would be here, today, updating and sharing your story with people all around the world.

But here we are together!

We just recently enjoyed a nice summer vacation in Maine with Aaron's side of the family.

I chose not to bring any of Oliver's therapy equipment in fear that it would be damaged during flight.

I did carry on his new KAFO braces so that we could at least work on standing with them and building that strength.

Planning and actually following through, though, are two different things.  

As much as I try, it is not always possible to find the time to dedicate the hours needed for therapy.

Sometimes I am left with tid-bits of time here and there to try and get as much in as I can.

Going on vacation makes this even harder.

During our trip in Maine, I had a pretty open afternoon and decided to brace Oliver up and work on standing.

We got in a good 15 minutes of standing without discomfort or crying (which is awesome!)

Because this bracing is all new for Oliver, I choose not to push it and take little breaks in between.

When I took the break, unfortunately, we couldn't continue.

I packed everything up and that was that for the day!

Oliver's therapist and doctors had both told me about the possibility of a little redness from the new braces.

If everything cleared up within twenty minutes, all was well and normal.

If the redness prolonged that time frame, it could mean that there was a little kink in the brace that would need to be fixed.

I actually am well aware, thanks to the support groups, of the possible side effects from bracing.

Things such a pressure sores are a huge possibility.

Open wounds on places such as the feet, for those with spina bifida, can prove lengthy and difficult to heal.

Basically, to be avoided at all costs!

Every time I have removed Oliver's bracing, he has never had any redness lasting longer than ten minutes.

Well one day while on the vacation, I woke up to find a big red splotch on his foot.

I immediately racked my brain to think of anything that could have caused this.

I even posted to my support groups for possible answers.

Possible burn? Possible heat rash or friction burn?...Possible pressure sore? The fear set in.

I am now impatiently awaiting his newly scheduled appointment with his podiatrist to get a clue on what this could be.

For Oliver's current update, I am myself, waiting to be updated on what this could be.

Stay tuned!

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