Yes, my three year old can master my iPhone and click open Youtube Kids to watch his videos. 

Sometimes it’s mommy’s first choice when I need a quick distraction at the doctor’s waiting room.

Other times it is what he wants to do when lounging around the house.

One thing that I make sure of, is I am always aware of what he is watching.

You probably have heard, or even suffered through the same thing I do, when I mention “Mommy finger, Daddy finger”, or even Blippi.

If I would allow it, I know for a fact that my son could just sit there and watch these videos all day long.

Most of the time it is of other kids doing activities or even opening up surprise toys.

I found it so odd that he could just sit there, even when I offered to go play outside with him, and would rather watch these other kids playing at the museum or water parks.

Whether it is just a temporary trend or the new fad for our future generation, hearing YouTube Kids usually comes hand in hand with hearing the disapproval of many parents.

Hearing that our children are dependent now on electronics and just sit there and don't go outside anymore.

For me and our family, it’s like salt. A-Okay so long as it is in moderation.

Personally for us, they are more beneficial than harmful.

When we spend day in and day out in different medical offices and waiting rooms, they are my life saver.

With three boys on my hands, this momma will take any help she can get!  Most days it is also educational for my children.

The other day, my three year old came up to me and asked me what my favorite vegetable was. He had never used the word before and I was surprised to hear it.

Later that day he was watching this video of a gentleman named Blippi who was going through the alphabet and teaching the kids words that correlate with the letter.

When he reached the letter V, Oliver and Blippi simultaneously said VEGETABLE! Boom!

I could've been on stage anywhere and done a mic drop, because for me, this was a mommy score!

At the end of the day my child was happy, tantrum-less and had learned a new word for his vocabulary.

So yes, my child watches other children on YouTube. (:  


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